Midcoast Kayak Lessons

Midcoast Kayak Lessons: Now offering Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboard lessons.

All of our kayak lessons are instructed by guides who love the water and are looking to make your water experience awesome. We will supply the kayaks, paddle boards, and paddle gear you need for the class, but you are always welcome to practice with your own. Wetsuits are also available for lessons when requested. Reservations required and scheduled upon request and availability, please call (207) 563-5732.

Beginner Kayaking   $45       2 hours
This course is for the beginner kayaker. First, we will practice stepping in and out of the kayak, and then get on the water to practice forward paddling, turning, and stopping. We then use these skills to explore Biscay Pond and the Pemaquid River. Instructors will demonstrate a wet exit scenario as well as self and assisted rescues.

Fundamentals of Sea Kayaking   $65       3 1/2 hours
This Fundamentals class is for beginners and those who would like more practice feeling confident on the water. Weather, tides, route/trip planning, and safety gear will be discussed. Plenty of time will be spent learning the forward, reverse, and sweep strokes, which we will practice while exploring Muscongus Bay. Emphasis is also be placed on self and assisted rescues, one of the most important skills for sea kayak touring.

Stand Up Paddleboarding   $40       2 hours
Enjoy the growing sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding with a lesson on the Damariscotta River. Instructors will teach you how to be safe and comfortable on a paddleboard. Subjects will include getting on and off the board, turning and steering, route planning, and safety.

Open Water Sea Kayaking   $80       4 hours  
For experienced paddlers who want to increase their skills on the open water. Trip planning and navigation will be discussed before concentrating on the leans, paddle strokes, and rescues necessary for safe island to island crossings. In addition, we will observe and discuss the effect of the wind, weather, and tides on our kayak trip. Open water lessons take place on Muscongus Bay and are scheduled by request.